Join us on March 31st from 1-3 PM for our FRF EASTER PARTY!

Join us on March 31st, 2018 for our FIRE RUN FARM EASTER PARTY! From 1-3PM, we will have a potluck lunch, Easter Egg hunt with prizes and more!

Current students may sign up for group lessons before the event. Interested in riding at FRF? Call us and RSVP and come out to watch the morning lessons, then stay for the Easter Party. You'll meet our Morgan horses and our instructors and trainers and hear about our equine activities.

For more information, please call the farm at 425-481-9480.


November 2017 Barn News

2017 has been a great year. We've prepped, polished, and pranced our way through and we're not done yet! Check out these photos from the Donida schooling show, with our Fire Run Farm Academy group! For more information about becoming a rider CLICK HERE to join us!

The show season wouldn't be complete without some of the team at the WA Morgan’s year end banquet awards... 

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Stay tuned as we turn up the heat in 2018!

Morgan Grand National and World Championships 2017 Recap

We like to stay on FIRE here in the Pacific North West! Continuing the tradition of breeding, raising, and training World Champion horses and teams, below is a little summary of the fun we have been up to.


  • Whispering Masterwork with Marina Abrams in the Classic Pleasure Driving Division.
  • EKL Shake It Off with John Huffard presented In-Hand
  • FCM No Boundaries in Park Saddle with Teri Rumens and Suzanne Haberek
  • Canabar Nickleback with Kayle Powlesland in the Hunt Seat Division
  • SSLLC Stop & Stare with Nicole Barbour and Suzanne Haberek in Hunter Pleasure Ladies
  • One Night Stand with Kayla Powlesland in Classic Pleasure Saddle
  • Deliver the Dream with Morgan Underwood in the 13&Under Classic Pleasure Saddle division


We all know the infamous lyrics by Taylor Swift:

"I never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet
And that's what they don’t see, that's what they don’t see
I'm dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go
And that's what they don't know, that’s what they don’t know

But I keep cruising
Can't stop, won't stop moving
It's like I got this music in my mind
Saying it's gonna be alright

...Baby, I'm just gonna....shake, shake, shake..."

EKL SHAKE IT OFF was indeed living up to the name as the UNANIMOUS VICTORY for both the Grand National 2 year old stallion and the WORLD CHAMPION Junior stallion division. Taking the industry by storm in his first-ever appearance.

The lightning on our feet didn't stop there.

Kayla Powlesland rode one bold and naturally talented gelding, One Night Stand, to the Grand National title and roses in the Classic Pleasure Saddle division for youth riders, and didn't stop there. She then rode for a strong reserve placing in the Grand National Classic Pleasure Saddle Stallion and Geldings division. Switching gears, she also rode Canabar Nickleback to a top 5 finish in the Grand National Hunter Seat Adult Equitation class - demonstrating her technique in the saddle.

Nicole Barbour with SSLLC Stop and Stare came through the gateway of Champions in a bold violet show coat, aboard this prancing bay hunter mare. Together they made strong appearance in the Hunter Pleasure Ladies Mare and Amateur Mare divisions, ultimately placing top 10 in what was probably the most competitive and voluminous Hunter division showing in Oklahoma to date.

A new team debuted in Oklahoma under the Fire Run Banner - Morgan Underwood, in her first year showing saddleseat is described as an enthusiastic rider, and always looking for continual growth and riding opportunities. She piloted her new mount - Deliver the Dream to top-10 finishes in the 13 and under Saddle Seat division, as well as Top 5 in a competitive World Championship for the division.

The Classic pleasure driving division didn't stand a chance with Fire Run Farm around. Marina Abrams drove right into the winner's circle with Whispering Masterwork with the reserve title in the Grand National Classic Pleasure Driving Ladies Gelding division. From there, their success continued for Top 5 finishes in a very competitive World Championship classes.

Teri Rumens climbed into the irons in the Grand National Park Saddle Division above the gleaming mare, FCM No Boundaries. And boundless they are, riding to reserve Grand National Champion Park Saddle Mare for the amateurs.

And then, there is the class of all classes, the part of the show the walk-trotters beg to stay up late to watch, the junior exhibitors color their notebooks with, and Amateurs applaud in awe. Class number 250, the last, but not least competition amongst competitors.

"Many aspire to even have a contender, let alone be in the running. It was a surreal moment for me" said Suzy Haberek, just days after the performance of a lifetime piloted this athletic mare to top 3 honors in the World Champion Park Saddle class.

For more information about our horses, please contact us.

American Morgan HORSE Open House! A Day of Morgan Horses


Date of Event: October 28, 2017

Location: Fire Run Farm, Snohomish, Wa

The American Morgan Horse Association (AMHA) National Open Barn Day wants YOU to 'Meet a Morgan!' The goal of this event is to promote Morgan horses on a national scale, coordinating local events for the public. On October 28, 2017, it is entirely possible that more than 5,000 people across the country will experience the joy of a curious muzzle looking for treats, or the magnificence of a group of Morgan horses running across a field, or the awe inspiring sight of a park saddle horse performing his gaits.

Try to remember the first time you saw a Morgan horse. That feeling has never gone away for us. And it’s that feeling that has coursed through our veins for a lifetime of commitment to our breed. If we can provide that feeling for even a small percentage of the people we will reach, we will have accomplished a lot.

On the day of the event, you and your friends can expect to:


For more information contact: or




As Seen on the Cover of The Morgan Horse Magazine June-July issue!

"Rush to Judgment has been everything to us at FireRun farm. We have been devastated since her loss on May 24. Still grieving, we are honored to see her on the cover of the Morgan Horses magazine." said Teri.

A foundation of the breeding program at Fire Run Farm, contact us to learn more.


Gracing the June/July 2017 cover: In memory of Rush To Judgement (Timelok x CyDon's Cynthia), 1994-2017, foundation mare for Kurt and Teri Rumens. Cover sponsored by FIRE RUN FARM. Photo by Andy Illes.